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Activ Dog Health – Benefits

“Activ Daily” Probiotics help our beloved furry friends in many ways.
Discover the Revolutionary Benefits of Activ Daily: Addressing the Cause, Not Just the Symptoms. More Than a Remedy, It’s Your Ultimate Preventative Solution..

At the heart of your dog's health is their gut, where wellness begins and thrives. That's why we've created Activ Daily, not just as an answer to common health issues but as a powerful, preventative measure that ensures your furry friend's vitality from the inside out. Activ Daily goes beyond the ordinary, transcending mere dietary solutions with its innovative triple action postbiotics. Here's why it's an essential addition to your dog's daily routine:
Unlocking Superior Digestive Health: Activ Daily is expertly formulated to enhance your dog’s digestive process, ensuring they get the most out of every meal. No matter how nutritious your dog's diet may be, without a balanced microbiome, true health remains out of reach. Activ Daily addresses this gap, promoting optimal gut health.

Comprehensive Health Benefits: While Activ Daily excels in improving digestive health, its benefits extend far beyond. Our formula is designed to tackle and prevent a wide range of issues, ensuring your dog enjoys a happier, healthier life. Here's what Activ Daily can do for your pet:

Minimize Diarrhea & Digestive Upsets: By stabilizing the gut environment, Activ Daily helps reduce the occurrence of diarrhea, making each day more comfortable and carefree for your dog.

Alleviate Skin Rashes: Say goodbye to uncomfortable rashes and itchy skin. Our formula supports a healthy immune system, leading to clearer, healthier skin.

Ease Anxiety: A balanced gut is crucial for overall well-being, including mental health. Activ Daily aids in managing anxiety, promoting a calmer, more relaxed demeanour.

-Boost Immune Function & Fight Infections: Enhanced with immune-boosting properties, Activ Daily helps your dog resist and recover from infections more effectively.
-Facilitate Post-Antibiotic Recovery: Antibiotics can disrupt your dog's natural gut flora. Our postbiotics help restore balance, ensuring a smooth recovery and robust health.

Combat Yeast Infections: By maintaining a healthy microbial balance, Activ Daily significantly reduces the risk of yeast infections, keeping your dog comfortable and itch-free.

Decrease Paw Licking & Scratching: No more incessant paw licking or scratching. With improved overall health, these behaviours often linked to discomfort or allergies become a thing of the past.

The Power of Prevention: Activ Daily isn't just about solving existing problems; it's about preventing them before they start. By integrating our triple-action postbiotics into your dog's routine, you're not just feeding them; you're fortifying their health against potential issues.

Make the smart choice for your dog's long-term health and well-being. Choose Activ Daily – because they deserve more than just good nutrition; they deserve a foundation for a lifetime of health.

10 reasons for using “Activ Daily” Postbiotic:

1. Dog Postbiotics can help alleviate digestive issues due to stress or illness.

When your pet is sick or feeling stressed (for example, when she’s boarded at a kennel or is moved to a new home), the balance between healthy and illness-causing microbes in her gut can become disrupted. This can lead to issues like diarrhea, gas, cramping, and bad breath. Probiotics have been shown to reduce the duration of diarrhea in dogs from seven to four days.

2. Dog Probiotics decrease the side effects of antibiotics.

Antibiotics do not discriminate between good and bad bacteria. And while antibiotics are effective at fighting infection, they may also cause diarrhoea or other gastrointestinal side effects in your dog. If you know ahead of time that your loyal companion will be taking antibiotics, you may be able to ward off unpleasant side effects by starting your dog on probiotics a few days in advance and continuing them beyond the duration of antibiotic treatment.

3. Pets with chronic gastrointestinal distress will thank you.

If you have a pet that suffers from chronic intestinal distress, try giving her a high-quality dog probiotic with prebiotics daily to help replenish her gut with healthy bacteria. This practice can support a healthy inflammatory response in her GI tract and ultimately help her feel better.

4. Healthy gut bacteria may positively impact behaviour.

One of the first signs your pet isn’t feeling well is a behavioural change. As humans do, dogs with unhealthy gut bacteria and digestion problems may also experience emotional issues. These might include behaviours like excessive licking or other obsessive-compulsive actions. So, in the process of supporting digestive health, probiotics might also improve your dog’s behaviour.

5. Senior dogs need extra TLC to keep them healthy and feeling good.

Older dogs are much more susceptible to weakened immune systems. And since almost 70 percent of immune cells are in the gut, promoting the growth of healthy, or ‘good,’ bacteria in the GI tract is a sound way to help boost immunity. Your dog’s gut flora is very important to her overall health and well-being and may be the key to living a long, happy life.

6. Dog probiotics can help prevent issues related to unhealthy bacterial balance.

Constipation is no fun, for humans and dogs alike. Painful gas, bloating and cramping can, if left untreated, also lead to vomiting, lethargy, and loss of appetite. Together, exercise, fresh water, and dog probiotics support a healthy gut environment, so that your pet doesn’t have to suffer from painful issues related to unhealthy gut bacteria.

7. Dog probiotics can help minimize tummy upset due to a change in food.

If your dog has been eating the same food for a long time and you make a switch, I can almost guarantee your furry friend will experience gastrointestinal distress as a result. Prep your dog’s gut with probiotics to level the playing field against the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria before changing to a different food.

8. Dog probiotics can help reduce skin allergy symptoms.

Allergies (which are essentially misguided immune system responses) are on the rise in humans and dogs alike. Researchers have attributed this, in part, to an imbalance of bacteria in the gut. Because gut and immune health are so intertwined, giving your dog probiotics may lessen skin allergy symptoms. Several studies support this theory, having demonstrated that dog probiotics may be effective for allergy management.

9. Who doesn’t want healthier teeth?

Preliminary research suggests that giving your dog probiotics could also support her dental health. That’s reason for both of you to smile!

10. A healthier gut can mean better skin, coat, and breath.

Promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria can have all sorts of beneficial effects on the body, making you look and feel better. When you give your pup a daily dog probiotic you’ll likely see the benefits on the outside of her body, as she begins to feel better on the inside. 
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Postbiotics: Probiotics Perfected

Welcome to the World of Postbiotics!

At Activ Dog Health, we focus on treating the root cause of health issues, often a compromised immune system, rather than merely addressing symptoms. With a profound understanding of the canine microbiome, we offer advanced solutions to support your dog's optimal health. Our commitment to excellence is supported by years of research, development, and university-run clinical trials, ensuring our products meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Our research, conducted in collaboration with leading veterinarians, has successfully addressed the challenge of protecting delicate beneficial bacteria from contamination. By blending prebiotics and probiotics in a pristine lab environment, we ensure your dog receives the full spectrum of benefits necessary for optimal health. Our groundbreaking Triple Action Postbiotic process, known as Microbiome Assist, overcomes the issues encountered with our initial probiotic meal topper powder. While individually wrapping probiotics into treats proved too costly, Microbiome Assist offers a robust solution, ensuring stability and efficacy.

Postbiotics represent the next holistic leap forward in harnessing gut health. Through Microbiome Assist, we produce Triple Action Postbiotic supplements in a delicious, easy-to-administer treat. This innovation is a game-changer, and to our knowledge, we are the only company offering this unique solution.

Our exceptional products, including our innovative shampoo and leave-in conditioner, offer unparalleled health and vitality, as endorsed by veterinary professionals. For the first time, science can address issues within the external microbiome, making postbiotics one of the most exciting areas of current research worldwide. By choosing our holistic solutions, you provide your dog with comprehensive health and vitality. Embrace the transformative benefits of postbiotics and give your pet the all-encompassing care they deserve for a healthier, happier life.

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