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Activ Dog Health Postbiotics support your dog's Inner MICROBIOME and Immune Health.

Activ Dog Health Postbiotics supporting your dog's Inner MICROBIOME and Immune Health.

Just like a barrier reef, your dog's gut microbiome is a vast
micro-universe teeming with trillions of organisms.
This complex ecosystem, akin to the intricate Barrier Reef, plays a crucial role in maintaining the delicate balance between beneficial and harmful bacteria. Achieving this balance requires more than just a healthy diet. Clinical studies reveal that a nutritious diet alone is insufficient to prevent microbiome imbalances in dogs. An imbalanced, toxic microbiome can adversely affect your dog's health and well-being, particularly their immune system.
MicroBiome Assist
Postbiotic in the gut

It's time to meet Postbiotics

Revolutionise canine gut health with Activ Dog Health, the pioneer in postbiotic supplements. Unlike prebiotics and probiotics, which can be compromised by external factors, postbiotics are stable, non-living compounds that provide direct and reliable health benefits. These powerful by-products of fermentation enhance digestion, boost immune function, and improve overall well-being—without the uncertainties associated with live probiotics.

Postbiotics represent the future of holistic canine health, offering a comprehensive approach to maintaining a balanced microbiome. Choose Activ Dog Health for cutting-edge care backed by science and proven through clinical trials. Our advanced solutions promote a healthier, happier life for your dog.
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Postbiotics: Probiotics Perfected

Welcome to the World of Postbiotics!

At Activ Dog Health, we focus on treating the root cause of health issues, often a compromised immune system, rather than merely addressing symptoms. With a profound understanding of the canine microbiome, we offer advanced solutions to support your dog's optimal health. Our commitment to excellence is supported by years of research, development, and university-run clinical trials, ensuring our products meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

Our research, conducted in collaboration with leading veterinarians, has successfully addressed the challenge of protecting delicate beneficial bacteria from contamination. By blending prebiotics and probiotics in a pristine lab environment, we ensure your dog receives the full spectrum of benefits necessary for optimal health. Our groundbreaking Triple Action Postbiotic process, known as Microbiome Assist, overcomes the issues encountered with our initial probiotic meal topper powder. While individually wrapping probiotics into treats proved too costly, Microbiome Assist offers a robust solution, ensuring stability and efficacy.

Postbiotics represent the next holistic leap forward in harnessing gut health. Through Microbiome Assist, we produce Triple Action Postbiotic supplements in a delicious, easy-to-administer treat. This innovation is a game-changer, and to our knowledge, we are the only company offering this unique solution.

Our exceptional products, including our innovative shampoo and leave-in conditioner, offer unparalleled health and vitality, as endorsed by veterinary professionals. For the first time, science can address issues within the external microbiome, making postbiotics one of the most exciting areas of current research worldwide. By choosing our holistic solutions, you provide your dog with comprehensive health and vitality. Embrace the transformative benefits of postbiotics and give your pet the all-encompassing care they deserve for a healthier, happier life.

What our customers are saying

Customer Review

Our golden boy has struggled with digestion and ever since we put him onto these probiotic treats he’s had no worries! Not only does it give him a beautiful shiny coat but no more having to get up in the middle of the night to take him to the bathroom. We really noticed the difference when we forgot to order them. Subscription option is a life saver!

Shanna A
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Customer Review

Our Golden Boy ( 10months) is incredibly healthy and strong! His temperament is amazing and we truly believe a lot is to do with these amazing probiotics in his diet ( he’s been on them even before he was born as his mum ate them through pregnancy too) The team at Activ Dog health are always there for advice - I hope one day these treats are in every pet store! Amazing

Activ Daily Purchase
Customer Review

Cheech’s coat has not stopped shinning since she has been using Activ Daily Probiotics treats. Knowing she is having a top quality product that Is recommended by vets and other people with amazing results is amazing, and the proof is in the results. This product makes a happy heathy pup!

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About Activ Dog

Pioneering Canine Gut Health

Activ Dog Health, a proudly Australian-owned company, is dedicated to enriching the lives of your furry family members. At our boutique firm, we're passionate about advancing pet health and happiness with our groundbreaking Triple Action Postbiotics. Noticing a gap in the canine supplement market, especially concerning microbiome health and the conventional approach to meal toppers, we questioned the efficacy of sprinkling live bacteria over food, which can become contaminated upon opening.

Our journey began with individually wrapped treats to minimise contamination, but this approach proved costly and impractical. After three years of developing and testing our formulas, focusing not only on the ingredients but also on the precise amounts, we created a superior solution. Our secret formula, closely guarded and protected, led to the development of a special Triple Action Postbiotic blend. This blend, combining prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics, is designed specifically for the unique needs of canine gut health, which differs significantly from humans.

Our flagship product, Activ Daily, introduces your dog to essential postbiotic strains with each treat, delivering billions of beneficial bacteria to support their well-being. This daily supplement promotes a healthier, more vibrant dog, visible in their energy and joy. The benefits of incorporating Activ Daily into your dog’s routine extend far beyond gut health. Our clinical trials have shown significant improvements in skin health, digestive issues (including both diarrhoea and constipation), bad breath, infections, bloating, and emotional well-being, addressing issues like anxiety and stress, all while boosting the immune system. The positive changes brought about by Activ Daily are truly remarkable.

Moreover, Activ Daily is a cost-effective preventive measure, proving to be more economical than your daily cup of coffee.
Join us in making a significant difference in your dog’s life with Activ Dog Health.

About Active Dog Health

Activ Dog Health is an Australian-owned and manufactured boutique company with a strong focus to improve your loving pet’s overall health and well-being through a superior K9 Postbiotic.

Activ Daily, our first product to market contains four main probiotic strains providing your loved K9 friend with billions of healthy bacteria in a daily treat resulting in a healthier happier dog.

The benefits of giving your dog a high-end probiotic is not limited to general gut health, with vast improvements in such areas as skin conditions, Diarrhea, Constipation, bad breath, infections, bloating, anxiety, stress, and immune system. To see the incredible results is truly amazing.

Activ Daily is a preventive means to keep our K9 friends healthy for less than a cup of coffee a day.

100% Natural Ingredients

All dogs love our treats, we are SO confident they will, we offer a money-back guarantee on taste.
Our products are not only 100% natural but human grade as well, we use only the highest-grade Kangaroo meat, Sweet Potatoes, and Pumpkin for our delicious treats.

In developing our product, one of our many criteria was to have something that was not only human-grade but also extremely tasty to the point that we could eat ourselves, and we did in testing. The treats taste like delicious Jerky.

(Treats should not be eaten by humans after the specific K9 probiotics have been added)
Activ Dog Ingredients

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